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 Jumpers, bouncers or moonwalks are the perfect way to combine fun and healthy activity, they will add value to your Party or Event! Rent our inflatable bouncers and offer your kids and their guests of all ages exciting aerobic activity. Ours has 360-degree mesh windows, so parents and spectators can have a clear view of all the fun. Our moonwalks are made safe and secure with lite n strong™, fire-resistant vinyl.

Our bouncers are divided into these four groups by size and theme as below.

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Small Size

10' x 10' Jumpers


Medium Size

13' x 13' Jumpers


Medium Size

13' x13' Jumpers


Large Size

15' x 17' Jumpers



Warning! "You get what you pay for"
Be careful of companies cutting corners to offer cheaper prices, they may also be cutting corners with your safety and services too.
 We are very competitive. However, if you find lower rates, look out for lower services, operating outside the law with worn out, dirty equipments. We strive to be the leader in the industry, and pride ourselves on being on time, easy to work with and friendly. Clean, quality equipment and safety is our #1 goal.


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